Punjab Home Guards Canine Training & Breeding Institute



We have total area of 43 Acres having natural contours, with jungle track, pond and open fields. At any given time, we have capacity to hold 104 canines and we are working on increasing the capacity sooner.

We have basic agility apart from Advance Agility Tracks, there are 48 Kennels for under Training Canines. There are  05 Kennels for Pups.  For under Trainers (Dog Handlers) we have Barracks for 60 People and for support Staff we have 20 People with their Staff Quarters. We have separate Medical and O.T. Room for Canine. There are 2 rooms for Quarantine Purposes as well.

Punjab Home Guards Canine Training & Breeding Institute

We are a Government Undertaking, which comes under Department of Home Affairs & Justice (Government of Punjab). We have been mandated exclusively by the Government of India to import High Pedigree (Bloodline) canines into India for Indian Paramilitary and State Forces.


Our team of master trainers have experience of 28 years in their respective fields. We have an experienced and dedicated support staff behind us.

Newton Sidhu