Punjab Home Guards Canine Training & Breeding Institute



Our Story

The Punjab Home Guards Canine Training & Breeding Institute was established in 2016. The aim of the institute is to import high blood line and pedigreed canines into India for breeding and afterwards, to train them to sniff our narcotics and explosives.

The training is conducted by master trainer from the UK, USA and Canada who use the world renowned food reward program to train the dogs. This involves rewarding the dog with his or her favorite food upon the successful completion of the task.


Over the years, our canines have been trained and deployed across different states in India and have been able to detect huge quantities of banned substances. In fact, many times our trained dogs helped recovering banned stuff from Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir by police.

Even the Election Commission of India deployed our dogs during 2017 assembly elections in Punjab as well as 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. Our canines were used to check the flow, distribution and use of narcotics during campaign time. The deployment of these canines acted as a huge deterrent to the distribution of banned substances at that time, and in its detection too.

Apart from training and breeding canines, the institute has also been able to generate employment for youth in our area over a period of time. As gesture of goodwill towards society, our canines regularly visit the hostels of colleges and universities for the detection of banned narcotics. It has definitely been a deterrent and also helped to create an awareness amongst our youth.  Moreover, students have also joined the drug de-addiction counselling with their respective colleges and universities after one visit from canine team. Our canines have also been given to the neighbouring states for deployment on various inter-state borders to check for banned stuff in vehicles and transport trucks. They helped us recover a large hauls of narcotics till date.


Canines from our institute are also working in prisons, to help sniff our drugs that are being smuggled into jails. Additionally, they have also been trained to sniff out mobile phones – a training currently available only at our institute. Apart from this, PHG-CTBI also train Medical canines for the detection of cancer, and Therapy Canines who will be given to vaiorus NGOs across India. We already trained Tactical Canines for room intervention, for special operations by highly trained forces. Our institute is generating revenue for the state, as well as generating employment for the youth of the state.

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