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breeding program

Our breeding program is of international standards , where, we have the strong bloodlines of the best pedigree available internationally.


We maintain 10 generation history of canine. We maintain the gene pool as well as the characteristics of the canines, so as to have the best Canine Offspring. We have dedicated veterinary doctors, veterinary assistants and support staff.


We have one of the best state of the art infrastructure based on international standards, keeping in mind the Indian environment & hygienic conditions, we have different agility tracks for pups and adults canines, to keep them fit. Our whelping kennels are different from the adults kennels.

Newton Sidhu at PHG-CTBI

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Whelping Boxes

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Whelping Kennels

We provide a perfect environment to breed dogs in.

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The genetic influence and health counts

Stud Dog

You can check out stud dog with us.