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Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Canine

Canines offer an additional complimentary method to detect leaks on the pipeline. The research has clearly shown that canines can be used to compliment existing patrols and leak detection systems. They would be particularly used for


  • Areas where heavy corrosion has been identified by in-line inspection.
  • Where coating problems have been identified by above ground surveys.
  • Un-peggable pipelines
  • Locations with poor cathodic protection (CP) coverage.
  • Where there are suspected ‘illegal taps’.
  • Following a hydrotest where the water has been scented
Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Canine
OIL and gas pipeline

Leakage Detection Canines

Leak detection canines precisely locate pin-hole and other hard to find leaks quickly and cost effectively. They cover up to 15-17 km per day. Leak detection canines have success of 100% with extreme accuracy, due to the industry approved odorant.