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Explosive Imprinted Canine

We, at PHG-CTBI operate strict regimental structure to provide training within the training facility located in Dera Bassi, Punjab, 30 minutes away from Chandigarh by road and 30 minutes from New Delhi by air.


This explosive detection training allows canines to detect upto 19,000 explosive compounds and imprinting is done on essence from six chemical explosive families Nitroalkanes (Nitromethane), Nitroaromatics (TNT), Nitrate Esters (PETN), Nitramines (RDX), Acid Salts (Ammonium Nitrate) and Peroxides (TAPT). Canines will be trained not to be distracted by diesel, gasoline fumes, exhaust, explosions, gun shots, traffic, horns and so on in order to be effective in urban and rural environments with the training duration of 5 weeks.


Customized training for specialized short or long term missions in varied operational conditions and environments is also available. The Labrador and German Shepherd canines between one and one and half year are provided for this purpose.

Explosive Detection Canine at Dera Bassi, Near Chandigarh

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